Tobias Brown

Gangsta’s Paradise

Locked in prison, young gangsta Tobias Brown was confronted by a forgiveness he couldn’t ignore. Join Tobias as he shares his story in this intimate interview, and hear about the hope he now has from the book that transformed his life: the Bible.

November 2023



Packing a 25 Automatic, young Tobias Brown was met with a moment of resistance from one of his victims.

His blood was boiling. He snapped and knocked the young guy to the gravel with a single blow to his head with the base of his gun. As the man lay helpless on the floor, Tobias stood over him and took him for everything he had.

Later, in front of a judge, and showing no remorse, Tobias pleaded guilty and found himself in a prison cell for six years for armed robbery and three counts of unlawful use of a weapon.

He was a condemned man, and had lost everything.

Then he discovered something he couldn’t ignore. Words of forgiveness filled his cell offering freedom to live a new life.

Tobias couldn’t shake this hope he found in the Bible. The injustice of an innocent man paying the price of a murderer resonated with Tobias and resulted in a complete transformation. Now living in London with his family, Tobias spends his life telling people about the forgiveness Jesus offers to all.

Join us for this intimate retelling of how a young man who was headed for a hopeless life of crime now lives in the light of his faith in Jesus.

The evening is a live studio recording of two parts; an interview with Tobias and then a short talk from him about why he couldn't ignore what he read in the Bible.