Thursday 19th March 2020

Rory Steyn

Protecting Nelson Mandela

Former protection team leader of President Nelson Mandela's Presidential Protection Unit, Rory Steyn tells of his work, his principal and his transforming faith in Jesus.

Rory Steyn was interviewed by Tobias Brown.

About Rory Steyn

Whilst Nelson Mandela led South Africa from the brink of bloodshed to unexpected levels of peace and stability one man was tasked with keeping the president safe.

Rory Steyn was the head of Nelson Mandela’s personal protection team. Previously serving as a Lieutenant-Colonel in the South African Police Service he had extensive experience in security and personal protection. For five years from 1996 he looked after all operations keeping the president safe both in South Africa and on trips to London and around the world.

What Steyn learnt from the president, who was once seen as a terrorist by South African authorities, changed his life forever. He has distilled his experiences into an autobiography which tells the story of how a traditional white South African policeman was converted by Nelson Mandela’s personal charm and dignity to a point where he realised that he would lay down his life for the President. Steyn also had the privilege of being part of the guard of honour at Mandela’s funeral.

As an internationally recognised security specialist he is now CEO of Africa Operations at NSA Global Security Consultants. He is a speaker and commentator and regularly presents papers at conferences around the world.

Rory Steyn protects Nelson Mandela in Brixton, 1996