Friday 20th March 2020

John Lennox

The God Delusion: Has Science Buried God?

John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, faces the big questions about God, science and faith in Jesus.

John Lennox was interviewed by Glynn Harrison.

About John Lennox

At a time when Christianity is under attack from many different directions John Lennox is a voice that provides it with a strong intellectual defence. A well respected Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, he is an internationally renowned speaker with degrees from several top universities.

He is particularly interested in the interface of Science, Philosophy and Theology and has been part of numerous public debates defending the Christian faith, including with Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Peter Singer.

In his work he lets people consider life’s larger questions about science and God without any pressure. Believing that Christianity is a rational belief system he thinks it is possible to reconcile science and belief in God. He is a beacon in the atheistic darkness helping people realise that you can talk about events like the resurrection of Jesus rationally and that having a belief in God is not committing intellectual suicide.

Lennox regularly teaches at many academic institutions, is Senior Fellow with the Trinity Forum and has written a series of books exploring the relationship between science and Christianity. He dispels intellectual misconceptions and shows that science and God are not opposed and that they can and do co-exist.

John Lennox debates Richard Dawkins